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We are a security services group that has been fulfilling the security needs of hundreds of business establishments and government institutions for 19 years.


We are comprised of 3 security agencies and 1 security training academy with a strong force of around 1,800 security professionals. 


We are a security services company that enforces strict quality control and provides nothing but high quality personnel, firearms, and other security equipment.


We are an organization that gives what is rightfully due to its employees. We have an impeccable record on giving our people their rightful salaries and wages, and remittances to SSS, Pag-Ibig and PhilHealth.


We are an organization that believes that people are its best assets. We don’t just employ security professionals; we develop them into the best security professionals they can become.


We are always available for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All year round, even on holidays.


We are a group of security services companies dedicated to answering your total security needs. 


We are the Starline Security Group.


Starline Security Agency, Inc. began as a sole proprietorship business on September 1, 1997. Its first aim was simply to provide a quality alternative to people and business entities in Nueva Ecija needing private security services.


Backed by a good name and a good reputation of its owner, a team of dedicated staff, an impressive set of consultants, and solid core values of honesty, integrity, loyalty and quality which formed the foundation on which this security agency works, Starline almost immediately earned the trust, confidence and huge support of major businesses in Nueva Ecija.


In 1999, Starline established a branch office in Cubao, Quezon City just so it could serve a few business entities with ties in Nueva Ecija which sought only Starline for their security needs. With no marketing strategy other than solely relying on word-of-mouth recommendations backed by an impressive track record, albeit relatively short 2 years at that time, Starline embarked to gain a small footing in Metro Manila.


A year later, Starline began expanding its services to other neighboring provinces like Tarlac and Pampanga. Then in 2002, Starline was brought by a major client, Landco Pacific Corporation, to serve its shopping mall in Legazpi City, Albay and a year later, its shopping mall in Lucena City, Quezon (now owned by the Gaisano Group). The year 2002 also marked the year Starline earned accreditations from Araneta Center, Inc. and Waltermart / Benison Group. These victories made Starline realize that it can gain a solid footing in Metro Manila and pushed forward, competing and cooperating with major security agencies who are all based thereat.


In 2005, after 8 years in operation, Starline was duly incorporated.


In November 2007, Starline earned the accreditation from JG Summit Holdings. Starline has since been serving a good number of its business units like Robinsons Malls, Robinsons Retail Group, Robinsons Land, and Digitel / Sun Cellular facilities up to as far as the whole Bicol Region.


Now on its 19th year of operations, Starline Security Agency has now become the Starline Security Group with the addition of Starshield Security Agency, Astron Corporate Security and Starline Security Training Academy. It has its headquarters in its newly built facility known as the Starline Building at the heart of Cubao, Quezon City. Its impeccable record in terms of on-time payment of salaries and wages, and complete and up-to-date remittances to SSS, Philhealth and Pag-Ibig Fund empower it to maintain high morale among its more than 1,800 security personnel resulting to client satisfaction, thus it has expanded to be able to legally meet the ever growing demands for Starline’s brand of services.


The creation of Starline Security Group shall enable it to further improve its capability, to streamline its services to specialize even more in Mall Security, Retail Security, and Traffic Management to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the job, and to maintain high satisfaction of its clients.


Our Mission

To ensure safety and security of our clients by providing high quality services while enhancing deterrence to crime and supporting law enforcement agencies.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the industry, setting the standard for quality service while enhancing the welfare of our security personnel and attaining social relevance.




We are, first and foremost, an organization built with integrity. We do anything and everything to follow through on our promises to our customers and our personnel.


Always deliver more than our promises. That’s what drives us to always give more protection and  better service to our clients. That’s what drives us to excel more and continuously improve the quality of security service we provide.


Change is the only constant thing in the world. We believe that in order to protect and serve better, we must continue to look for new, better, and more efficient technologies and practices.



Protect our clients' lives and properties as if it were our own. This is the mantra we make sure everyone in our organization lives by. We believe that having a sense of ownership leads to us protecting and serving our clients better.



We enforce strict hiring standards and ensure that our guards are highly trained, highly educated, and well-equipped in order to provide the best security service possible.


Loyalty is the foundation upon which trust is built within our company and the people and organizations we serve. We are a company that values trust and maintains an open and close relationship with both our clients and our personnel.


Core Values
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