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  1. Shopping Mall Security

  2. Commercial / Industrial Security

  3. Airport Security

  4. Retail Security

  5. Hospital / Medical Center Security

  6. Office And Building Security

  7. Village / Subdivision Security

  8. Condominium Complex Security

  9. Hotel & Restaurant Security

  10. Security For High Risk Installations

  11. Transportation And Cargo Security

  12. Bank Security

  13. University / School Campus Security

  14. Cargo Vessel Security

  15. Armored Car Escort/Security

  16. VIP Security

  17. K-9 Services (Bomb Sniffing Dogs)

  18. Traffic Management

  19. Security Training and Assessment


Starline Security Group


Starline Security Group now has its own security training academy- Starline Security Training Academy. The academy ensures that Starline Security Group can provide the highest quality security personnel and security services possible

Starline Security Group


"To protect the lives and properties of our clients as if it were our own" is the mantra of the whole organization from top to bottom. We believe that having a sense of ownership makes us a better security services provider. We don't protect just because it is our business. We protect because it is our duty.

Starline Security Group


Providing security is one thing, providing a high quality service is another. Our company has always been praised for its exceptional and personalized services, proven by the 98% client retention rate that the company enjoys.

What we do

         Hundreds of business establishments and government institutions have chosen Starline Security Group to protect their properties and interests because of its exceptional service and strict quality control. Starline recognizes that it needs to implement strict quality control in order to maintain, and even improve, its already exceptional security services. Starline Security Group guarantees it will exceed even the highest client expectations.

Starline Security Group

     Our company believes that learning is a constant process of discovery and it has no end. Our guards’ development certainly does not end after they have completed their training requirements. Every security professional under Starline Security Group has with him/her a copy of “Ang Handy Book Para sa Kagwardyahan” authored by Michael Datuin, Mba, Csp, Csms, Cst for his/her personal learning and growth. We ensure that lectures, briefings, and discussions on the teachings of this book are conducted monthly to each detachment. We believe that this book will aid our security professionals to better understand his/her powers and duties, as well as, the general orders, code of conduct and code of ethics. Thus, we require our security professionals to always have it in person while on duty as quick reference when the need arises. 

Starline Security Group

     In order to assure that our clients are properly being secured and that our security guards are carrying out the quality standards we have set, Starline Security Group dispatches roving inspectors all day, every day. These inspectors thoroughly inspect our guards and his/her equipment, as well as, the area and its environment. This is done to make sure that our clients and their interests are protected and served according to the high standards we have set.

Starline Security Group

   Criminals don’t take a break, and so should security. Our operations and support team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The support team is always on alert and is always ready for action in case an emergency arises.

Starline Security Group

     Starline Security Group requires all Officers-In-Charge (OIC) to attend monthly meetings and seminars in our Cubao Office. The aim is to ensure that the leadership in every detachment remains strong. This gives our operation managers a chance to discuss new memorandum/policies. This also allows our OICs to better communicate with our operation managers their concerns or ideas and suggestions on how to protect and serve our clients better.


     Illegal drugs have been a prevalent problem that our country is facing and Starline Security Group guarantees that our organization will always remain drug-free. Although it is already a part of the requirements of PNP CSG-SOSIA to undergo drug testing as part of their licensing requirements for private security professionals, we go a step above and add another random drug testing requirement that all of our guards must go through.


     We recognize that client feedback is vital to delivering the kind of high quality security services our clients deserve. That is why Starline Security Group conducts monthly meetings with clients to get their feedback on our security services and what is needed to enhance our services even better.

Starline Security Group
Starline Security Group

Dogs have been aiding mankind in law enforcement and security ever since at least the Middle Ages. K-9 dogs offer various uses in aiding security personnel.  Despite the modern technology, K-9 dogs still remain relevant in providing a more effective security service. They are able to sense some things no man or machine can. Dogs truly are man’s best friend.


Starline Security Group has a pack of highly trained K-9 dogs ready to be deployed to aid our security personnel and help stop criminals.


Our K-9 dogs can:


  1. Locate and subdue suspects/criminals

  2. Locate missing people and objects

  3. Detect Illicit substances such as drugs, guns and ammunitions, and explosives

  4. Detect odor from decomposing bodies










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