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Starline Security Group

     Starline Security Training Academy, Inc. is the official training academy of Starline Security Group and was established in 2016 as the demand for highly trained and highly educated security personnel grew exponentially. Starline Security Group recognized that it needed to create its own security training academy and assessment center to produce the kind of security personnel demanded by its clients. This also allows Starline Security Group to customize the guards’ training and immerse them more with the company’s core values of Integrity, Innovation, Service Excellence, Partnership, and Quality.

Starline Security Group then immediately realized that there is a lack of high quality training academies in the security industry, as well as, an influx of fraudulent or “no-show” training academies which degrades the quality of security personnel and which would have a detrimental effect to the security industry in general.

It is in this light that Starline Security Training Academy formally offers its services to the whole private security agency industry in the Philippines.


Starline Security Training Academy assures that your security personnel will be provided with the highest quality of training possible, state-of-the-art security training course curriculum, as well as, complete and modern training facilities - all in accordance with the governing laws, rules and regulations of PNP-SOSIA and TESDA.


Starline Security Training Academy assures you that the quality of your security personnel will dramatically improve and thus, enable you to meet your client’s expectations.


Starline Security Training Academy, Inc.’s primary purpose is to conduct security and other related trainings to private individuals as pre-requisite by TESDA and PNP-SOSIA for the private security profession. The Security Academy is to conduct specialized training in Mall Security, Retail Security, Village Security, Campus Security, Industrial Security, Aviation Security, Maritime Security, and VIP Protection to Private Security Professionals.



Starline Security Training Academy, Inc.’s mission is to create the finest security guards by providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art training modules, certified and credible security trainers, and optimum training facilities.


Starline Security Training Academy, Inc.’s vision is to become the leader in the security training industry in the Philippines with an ISO certification, providing the most advanced security guards to the security industry.



- The pre-licensing training course is designed for individuals who had no previous formal security training or License to Exercise Security Profession (LESP) and aspire to be a security guard. This course introduces the trainee to the security services industry, its basic laws and regulations, as well as, what it takes to be a security professional. This course is complete with the necessary and correct modules to equip any legal individual to be a qualified security professional.



- The re-training course is designed for security guards and security officers whose License to Exercise Security Profession (LESP) is up for renewal. This course enhances and updates the security professional’s knowledge of his profession.



- The supervisory course is designed for security professionals aspiring to become a security officer (SO). This course concentrates on training security professionals into being a leader with modules designed to improve their skills in management, plan-making, decision-making, and organization.

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